D'Arcy School Technology Summary

Things have been good here at D'Arcy but they are going to get better. Our internet capabilities are much less impressive than in other schools but it usually gets the job done. We have been informed that it will improve for the next school year. That should also allow us to access wireless internet. We are very excited.
This year we tried to increase the use of technology in the classrooms where ever we could but at times that was a challenge due to our slow system. We also focused on smartboard use in the classroom. The k-1 classroom did not have their own classroom space or a smartboard but found time to use the smartboard in other classrooms periodically.
Other exciting news for us is that we will be getting a portable classroom for the k-1 in the fall which means there will now be somewhere to place the smartboard we ordered for them. We plan to further increase technology useage as well as smartboard useage across the subject areas.
We are a 'Reading School' and have purchased a membership to the Reading Eggs program which has been very well received by the staff and students. We also have had access to ipads. Technology useage in all subject areas has increased and will continue to do so. It is wonderful to see what the students are able to accomplish.