• At DCS, our 2012-2013 goal was to have teachers and support staff computer literate and able to use the SmartBoard to support student learning. We wanted to focus on increasing our staff comfort level and daily use of the tool.

Beginning of the Year:

  • Most classrooms had a SmartBoard installed and our teachers ranged from experienced teachers who use the tool every day to a few who are just beginning to experiment. Most of the support staff had very little knowledge of how to use the SmartBoard.

End of the Year:

  • Our last SmartBoard was installed in the computer lab and the staff and students have used it to demonstrate how to do a task on the computer and also to present different projects to the entire class. The Elementary teachers find it very helpful to introduce a new computer program or skills to students in a step-by-step procedure. (Examples - How to logon and use Prezi: Gr. 1/2 class - how to change font size).
  • Our support staff have been given lessons on how to use the SmartBoard and now use it to help with students on PPP's (Ex. play Math games)


  • Every SMARTboard in our school is used each day now. This use ranges from morning messages in grade 1/2 to full use in almost every high school class.
  • Most teachers are feeling more comfortable using and preparing lessons for the SmartBoard.
  • As teachers became or were confident with the use of technology and 21st Century skills, many incorporated PBL into their subjects areas. With the help of Learning Coach - Arlene Low, the Grade 5-6 class did a PBL Inquiry assignment in ELA. Each student had their own laptop to work on and they learned: effective internet research skills, how to search for accurate information, how to evaluate websites, and how to record and cite websites. High school students did PBL activities in their science classes.
  • More teachers are using the technology and subject specific Wikis (ex. Audacity - both teachers and students used this to learn how to use the program)