Using Kurzweil - A Review of the Basics

If you are new to the Kurzweil software, but have a student or students who would benefit from this worthwhile assistive technology, please refer to the following videos for help in learning the basics!

Unfortunately, the videos do not allow you to hear the audio from Kurzweil, but you will be able to hear this when you do your own exploration! The yellow bar indicates what text is being read, while the green bar moves from word to word.

Opening Kurzweil (1:53 minutes)

Kurzweil 3000 Opening Window (2:24 minutes)

Accessing Materials from the Sun West Library - PDF handout

Hands On Practice 1 (4:03 minutes)

- opening a file from the library
- reading, rewinding and fast-forwarding
- choosing a voice
- selecting words per minute
- zooming in and out
- moving from page to page

Opening an Existing File (3:40 minutes)

KESI Virtual Printer