Learning to think critically while using digital tools such as the internet is an important 21st century skill. The following resources have been collected to assist teachers as they support students in developing online research skills.

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Using the Learn Alberta - Focus On Inquiry Model , Sun West students need to develop good online retrieving skills such as:

  • locating and collecting resources from digital sources

  • selecting relevant information from digital sources

  • evaluating information from online sources

The following pages are Under Development by Sun West Lead Technology teachers:

Using InfoTrac - Online Databases to Search

To learn to use the online databases such as KidBits, InfoTrac Junior and Senior, there are a series of 2 minute "Tech Tip" videos that will help get you started!
Accessing Online Databases - Sun West Quick Reference Guide
2 Minute Tech Tip - Using KidsInfoBits for Research (audience K-5 teachers)
2 Minute Tech Tip - Using The Teacher Toolbox in KidsInfoBits (audience K-5 teachers)
2 Minute Tech Tip - Advanced Searching Using KidsInfoBits (audience K-5 teachers)

Resources For Teachers:

Evaluating, Selecting and Citing Sources.JPG
This is an interactive professional development tutorial for teachers who want to learn more about effective online research in the areas of: evaluating, selecting and citing information. This quick tutorial was developed by the Los Angeles County - Office of Education
Click on the icon to access the PD presentation.
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Click this icon for more Teacher's Guides!
Teacher's Easy Guide for Evaluating Web Content for Classroom Inclusion
"A teacher who does not evaluate the web content he shares with his students is like a person driving a car without having a driver license, he can still drive his car but he does not know the real dangers he is putting himself to in doing so."
Using Google Docs as a Tool for Collaboration During the Research Process - video tutorial that walks teachers through the process of setting up and using Google Docs in their classroom
Google Search
Google Search Ninja Presentation
A Google Presentation that efficiently shows students more effective ways to find what they are looking for when they search.
a Google a Day
A fun activity to help students improve their searches. It is a timed activity that awards points for finding the information as quickly as possible.
Learning to effectively use the internet to locate accurate information is an important skill for students.Online Magazines, Journals, Newspapers are available for Saskatchewan students are available through the Ministry of Learning - Saskatchewan. Best of all, there are articles for all levels of readers available. This is a great place to begin searching for non-fiction information!
Internet News Sites
Ten by Ten
Searching Da Web!
Here is a easy way to help your students look for credible and valid information on the Internet.
For Futher Exploration
Finally, here is an extensive list of resources for those eager to explore this topic! Lots of ideas listed ...
Effective Research Smartboard Lesson - This lesson can be used with Grades 3 to 7 students to teach basic research skills using Google.