The SMART Board is a learning tool that has much potential for increasing student learning and motivation. Many teachers in Sun West have been asking for support in learning how to effectively integrate this tool into their classrooms. The Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment team of coaches and consultants as well as Lead Technology teachers are in the process of locating and creating resources as a way to help teachers get started!

What you will find on these pages:
  • Developing SMART Board Skills
  • Effective SMART Board Integration
  • Online SMART Board Resources
  • SMART Board Sites for Parents

Developing SMART Board Skills

The following links will assist teachers in learning to use their Smart Board. Whether you are new to this tool, or have had a Board in your classroom for some time, you will want to check out the following resources: Click on the image on the left side.
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SMART Notebook lessons can be created on the computer, rather than at the Board, and then implemented in the classroom.
The following are included our TOP 10 list skills that will help teachers in creating their own lessons: 1. Creating a new page; 2. Using the Select Tool; 3. Making a Text Box; 4. Duplicating a Page; 5. Linking Items; 6. Inserting Pictures; 7. Using the Gallery; 8. Reordering Pages; 9. My Content Folder; 10. Linking to the Home Page - bonus: Page Swipe Feature
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These instructions will help you learn how to use the board inself during your lesson. You will learn: 1. Calibrating the Board; 2.Writing on the Board; 3. Ink Overlay; 4. Proper Connections; 5. Smart Notebook 11 Tour
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Here are some more handy tips and tricks for getting the most out of your Board! On this page, you will find: 1. Infinite Cloner; 2. Grouping Items; 3. Using the Camera; 4. Inserting Shapes; 5. Inserting Video Clips; 6. Using the Screenshade; 7. Inserting Pages from Other Notebook Files; 8. Using the Magic Pen; 9. Cloning Items 10. Saving Gallery Items; 11. Using the Smart Recorder; 12. Fading Ink Feature
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Self-Paced Learning Tutorials from SMART Learning Space - "The SMART Learning Space is a new virtual learning environment loaded with highly innovative interactive learning experiences that will enhance your ability to teach, support learning and improve student outcomes." You will need to create a Smart account.
Using the Document Camera - video support for this tool
Smart Notebook icon.jpg
A step by step instructions for using SMART Notebook 11

Effective SMART Board Integration

In order to positively impact student learning and motivation, students must be directly involved in using the technology. In this case, students must be touching and interacting with the Board. How you use the Board is key. Here are a collection of ideas of how to get your students interacting with the Board in your classroom.

Online SMART Board Resourcesstudent-reading-book-at-school.png

Interactive Learning Sites for Parents

  • This is an early literacy website that contains activities for parents to do with their children. Activities are categorized by Birth to Three, Preschool and On the Go (activities to do on walks, in the car, etc.). Click on the purple button that says "Free Parent Education Handouts" to access the downloadable files.
  • This site contains informative pamphlets to give to parents about literacy, including the following titles: Getting Your Child Ready to Read; Supporting Your Beginning Reader; Writing Activities for Young Readers; What Kids Really Want to Read; Reading, Writing and Technology; Making the Most of Reading Tests; and What is Family Literacy? Getting Involved in Your Child's Literacy Learning. While the first three pamphlets are geared toward parents with young children, the remaining pamphlets include information for younger and older children. Single copies can be downloaded; multiple copies can be purchased in bulk.
  • (National Institute for Literacy) When you log-on to this site, click on the "Publications" link in the upper right hand corner. This will take you to a page containing booklets for parents about reading (K, First, Second and Third). Each booklet contains suggestions for activities parents can do with their children as well as a checklist of skills children develop at that age.
  • This site is sponsored by Harcourt (the company that publishes our reading series), and it contains information on how to help your child become a better reader and writer, how to help your child prepare for tests, and links to other parent resources such as PBSparents and NASA for Kids.
  • This site contains a wealth of games and activities for students so they can practice the skills/strategies they learn in the Harcourt Storytown series. After clicking on your grade level, you will find numerous games and activities organized by theme and skill/strategy. Similar to, this is a site students can use at school or at home.