Looking for ways to integrate technology into the classroom??
Here are some links to some "cool tools" to try!!

  • Teachers First New web 2.0 tools appear each day. Many of these tools were not originally intended for classroom use, but they can be powerful learning tools for today’s techno-savvy students and their more adventurous teachers. These sites appear (and frequently disappear) very quickly, launched by creative techno-geeks out there in the world.

  • Cool Tools for Schools Tools for presenting, organizing, writing, mapping, researching, collaborating, graphing, add music, storing files, and so much more. Geared to teachers! This site was nominated for best educational wiki in 2009!

Professional Learning Opportunity: Master Web 2.0 Tools Online Course

These are the pages with the web tools links from the notebook file that I used for a presentation given to Sun West teachers at the I Learn 2011. - Jade Ballek