Blogging with Students

A Teacher's Guide to Blogging - February 2012
- developed by Jade Ballek, Learning Coach, 2012
This resource includes some tips for getting started with blogging in your classroom, as well as a full lesson plan that you can use with students.
Investigating Blogging Lesson (SmartBoard)
- an inquiry-based SmartBoard lesson was developed as part of the guide (above)
SmartBoard Lesson on Blogging (PDF version)
- this is a PDF version of the SmartBoard lesson (above) for those without SmartBoard access
- this resource is needed for the student lesson on blogging
Basics of Blogging Power Point
- This Power Point presentation can be used to guide conversation about digitally responsible blogging in the classroom. (Jade Ballek, Learning Coach, April 2012)
video-icon.jpgLIVE! Technology Tutorial - Archived Version - BLOGGING from November, 2012
- screencast of the LIVE! Technology Tutorial hosted by Sun West; introduces teachers to blogging and why this might be the right tool for your classroom

Assessing Blogging and Commenting

Writing a Good Blog:
Writing a Good Comment:
Blogging Rubric for Posting and Commenting

Blog Hosting Sites

Kidblog Logo.JPG
Using Kidblog: Technology Help Sheet (PDF) - A PDF document to get you started with your own Kig Blog account!
Approving Posts in KidBlog - screencast

Using Word Press - Teacher Training Tutorials