Eaton School

Eaton School 2012 – 2013 Technology Goal Summary

This year, Eaton School embarked on a goal of encouraging all ten teachers to use the SMART Board as more than just an overhead projector! Our abilities and comfort levels in using the SMART Board ranged from not very comfortable (identified as Beginner in our survey) up to very comfortable (Advanced in our survey). The survey asked seven things based on what was done this year:
  1. Did you use your SMART Board this year?
  2. Did you use it as an interactive tool?
  3. At what level would you put yourself in the use of the SMART Board?
  4. Did you find Marla Frison’s presentation about creating SMART Board pages helpful?
  5. Was it helpful to see how Becky Simpson used the Class Dojo on the SMART Board?
  6. Would you like to be able to have time to develop lessons for the SMART Board?
  7. Would you like to have someone visit to teach us how to use the SMART Board more effectively?
All of our teachers used the SMART Board as an interactive tool this year, even though some were less comfortable with how to use it. Marla Frison had attended a two-day workshop where she planned SMART Board lessons and shared some of the basics with us at one of the staff meeting days. All found that to be very helpful.
Becky Simpson had been using a program called Class Dojo which allowed her and the students to see instantly whether they were on task and rewarded for that or off task and losing points. The program also tracked homework. She designed an external reward system for the students using this program. She was also able to communicate with parents using this tool. She found that a few of the parents and most of her students liked the Class Dojo. Many of our staff members were also interested in trying to implement it next year after Becky’s presentation.
All of us would like more time to develop lessons and find materials for the SMART Board but not as many feel that they need assistance with how to use it as much anymore. I think the general consensus was that all of us would like more time to be able to implement the use of the SMART Board better.
- presented by C. Wrishko