Our school- based technology goal for this year was to identify and purchase a math software program to reinforce the skills of estimation and problem solving. With the assistance of our school FCC we purchased Mathletics in January and have been using it extensively at all grade levels. We are pleased that students can access the program at home and many parents and students have given it very positive reviews. The students have found the program fun and engaging and are particularly pleased that they can challenge and compete against classmates, students across Canada and around the world.
Additionally, we have purchased six Ipads which have been downloaded with a variety of Mathematics apps to assist individual students and small groups with additional math practice. The Ipads have been a welcome tool in increasing student engagement in learning .Students have used the Ipads to research and create projects including videos to share with their classmates.My students used video and the Educreations app to make demos about identifying and drawing angles in geometry.
In the future ,we hope to continue to use Mathletics to supplement our math program and find further ways to implement technology in our classrooms.