Eston Composite School
Technology Goal: Teachers would implement and properly use the Smart Board in their classrooms and some of their lessons.
Our school has been working hard on achieving this goal. At the beginning of the school year, we had a PD day where we had someone in to show all of our teachers some basic ways to create lessons and use the Smart Board. Since then, we now have a Smart Board in all of our classrooms (including the resource room and mini computer lab) and all of our teachers have been using their Smart Board in the classroom on a fairly regular basis.
Some feedback I have been receiving from teachers:
  • I use my smart board every day for morning routine and at least every other day for interactive lessons and at least once every day for notes, instructions, demonstrations, etc. I found out some shortcuts that I can use and want to find more lessons on smart exchange for next year.
  • I use my smart board just about daily. It depends on how some of my projects are going and the timetable of how much I'm using it. Using the smart board with the students allows them to become involved in the lesson. I have had students do projects where they use the smart board and they really like it and did well.
  • I use my smart board almost every music class. I search for music lessons already made, as well as e-mail music to myself and pull it up, so I don't have to have many copies and music stands in my room. I used it for showing ballets, musicals, and have questions to go along with...
  • I have used it for science games, showing the kids pictures of things we are talking about in specific lessons, showing art projects in color, etc.
  • I use my smart board every day for opening exercises.
  • I use my smart board daily - not always for smart board lessons, but it is daily.Good interactive sites for grammar - nouns, verbs, etc . Good for bringing up clips to demonstratethings for Residential schools, rocks and minerals, etc.It's been very effective for some students for note taking - different visual - holds their attention - can make type as large as possible.