School Based Technology Planning Guide for Administrators

As part of the Sun West Strategic Plan for Technology vision for improving technology services in schools, all Administrators will be developing personalized three year plans for their schools beginning in the fall of 2015. The goal of this process is to help Administrators make long-range decisions around technology implementation that reflects the individual needs of each school.

The school technology plans include a number of different elements including:
  • understanding of current infrastructure and access to technology current deployed in the school
  • identifying "innovative educators" in the school, teachers who are ready, with support, to use technology to enhance student learning
  • identifying a teacher who will be granted 10% release time in the school timetable to pursue professional learning activities as part of the 21st Century Educator role
  • setting personal learning goals for leading learning in the digital age
  • becoming familiar with the processes involved in equipment purchases and the funding of those purchases from the Division and school perspective
  • creating some plans for introducing and/or supported blended learning opportunities for students in each school

The information on this wiki will help guide Sun West Administrators, step-by-step through the planning stages of their school technology plan. By completing these tasks, Administrators will have a comprehensive plan in place for the 2014-2015 school year, and will be prepared to participate in conversations at the September 2015 Administrators retreat connected to these plans.

1. Download the Long Range Planning Framework - School Based Technology Plans document. As you work through each associated section below, you fill begin to fill in this framework. *
2. Watch the introduction to the school based technology plan and see how this plan connects with the Sun West Strategic Plan for Technology.**

1. Current Computer Configuration

Use the Technology Inventory Excel spreadsheet to
  1. Page 1 - Create an inventory of your current technology (desktop computers, laptops, tablets, iPads, SmartBoards, access to smartphones)
  2. Page 2 - Discuss the future of your computer lab and the possibility of the inclusion of a media lab.
  3. Page 3 - Provide a prioritized list of recommendations for improving access to devices in your school over the next three years.

1. Please email your completed Excel document to Darren Gasper and Jade Ballek.
2. Use the Long Range Planning Framework to distribute your school's priorities over the next three years.

2. 21st Century Educator Role

The feedback from the pilot year of the 21st Century Educator role has been extremely positive. As a result of the transformative nature of this PD, the role will continue into the 2014-2015 school year. As well, the 21st Century Educators will be granted a single device (laptop, iPad, tablet, Chromebook, etc.) for their classroom. Module 7 walks teachers through the selection of devices and introduces them to the SAMR model, a model for technology integration.

Using the information presented about the 21st Century Educator role, determine a teacher from your school who will be granted the 10% release time in the school timetable to complete the seven learning modules. An overview of the project is available by reading: Transforming Teaching through the 21st Century Educator Role - Putting the Right People on the Bus

On June 5, 2014, the 21st Century Educators from the 2013-2014 school year AND the upcoming educators assigned to this role will be meeting in Rosetown for a day-long workshop.

1. Read the Transforming Teaching document to gain some background to the 21st Century Educator role.
2. Browse through the Module 7 linked above to become familiar with device selection process and the SAMR model.
3. Please email Darren Gasper with the name of the 2014-15 educator by June 1st so invitations can be sent to all participants.
4. Add this information to your Long Range Planning Framework document.

3. Lessons Learned from the 1:1

In the 2013-2014 school year, Sun West implemented a Mobile Device Pilot Program whereby each of the non-Hutterite schools were able to acquire a single 1:1 classroom. Based on the feedback of this project, some adjustments to our planning need to be made:

  1. Proper infrastructure MUST be in place before additional devices can be added to the existing network. James Lowe. IT Manager, is currently conducting wireless mapping and cabling projects in all Sun West schools. If you feel there are large gaps in the wireless and/or cabling infrastructure in your school, please call James to have a conversation about this and the impact that it will have on adding more devices to your school. The infrastructure will directly impact whether or not your school is ready to have more devices deployed to your school in the 2014-15 school year!
  2. What are your plans for the 1:1 devices for the 2014-15 school year? Will the devices remain with the 1:1 teacher or will they follow the students? On what basis did you make this decision? What are the anticipated needs for your school based on this decision? Use the Year 2 Planning for the 1:1 Mobile Device Pilot Project sheet to help determine your needs for next year..

1. Identify any gaps in wireless and contact the HelpDesk with that information. Include information about locations in your school where there are a high a number of devices accessing the guest network (e.g. student smartphones).
2. Please email Darren Gasper, Jade Ballek and James Lowe with the Year 2 Planning - 1:1 Mobile Device Project sheet.
3. If there are additional technology requests associated, please submit that form (Technology Equipment Request) form as well.
4. Add this information to the Long Range Planning Framework document.

4. Innovative Educators

Based on feedback from the 1:1 Pilot project, Sun West will be pursuing a different plan for introducing technology into classrooms. Infrastructure considerations are critical as is teacher readiness, time, training and Administrative support. All of these factors work together to ensure that the technology is used as a tool for transforming teaching.

Sun West will be introducing a three-tiered approach to technology integration which is directly linked to the school technology plans.
At each step, teachers must be supported in both the pedagogy behind technology integration as well as the "how to" skills associated with the use of new technology tools.

steps to sucess.png
Steps to Success

To begin the process in your school, identify:
  • teachers who may be interested in introducing blended learning into their classroom (e.g. flipped classroom, hosting course materials online)
  • teachers who would be interested in exploring how to use single devices to support learning in their classroom

*Please note, that for all technology equipment purchases, a corresponding educational plan must be attached. See the Technology Equipment Request form for details.

1. Submit the 2014-2015 Innovative Educators list to Darren Gasper.
2. Add this information to the Long Range Planning Framework document.
3. Be sure to direct teachers to the online form for device selection and educational planning.
4. Use the Technology Equipment Request form to request devices. A sample Educational Plan is provided for guidance.

5. Leveraging Leadership

What supports do you need to advance your own understanding of educational leadership in a digital age? Got an idea? Send us an email!

6. Blended Learning Opportunities for Your School

Jade Ballek has applied for SWISI funding to implement a Division-wide blended learning pilot in Sun West classrooms. If you have educators who you feel would be well-suited for this pilot, please contact Jade.

7. Other Questions